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Certification of products

Certification of products, as well as certification services – is the official state procedure conformity of products or services to the requirements set forth in the regulations. It is performed in order to protect consumers from substandard or unsafe products and unreliable sellers and manufacturers. As the mandatory certification and voluntary, is always performed by independent certification bodies, as only they can guarantee the fairness of the results, which is so important to protect the interests of Russian consumers. It is to such authorities and is “Sevtest.” Many manufacturers and sellers of the question often arises, “Why do I need to carry out certification of products (certification services), because I know that they are of high quality?”. The answer is simple: be confident in the quality of services and products must be not only a manufacturer but also a buyer. And that is certified documentary evidence of high quality and absolute safety of goods and services, as ensure compliance with their actual performance to established norms. In addition, there are other reasons for which certification is important. So, in the Russian Federation, manufacturers and sellers of goods and services can carry out the procedure of conformity to: Get the opportunity to distribute their products in Russia. Since the some products are subject to mandatory certification, it can not be released to the market without a certificate, receipt of which is provided for it; Be able to import products from abroad (see paragraph 1); To increase consumer confidence, has documented the quality and safety of goods and services in the voluntary certification; To increase their own reputation and to gain an advantage over its competitors, whose products have not yet passed the confirmation of compliance. Certificates that manufacturers and sellers can get their products in our certification center, can be of different kinds. The most common types of certificates at the moment are: certificate of conformity, which is designed to confirm that the goods and services to the requirements of GOST and other legal documents; fire safety certificate or fire safety certificate which confirms the fire safety of products; declaration of conformity, which is designed to confirm that the goods and services to the requirements of GOST and other legal documents, but, in contrast to the certificate of compliance shall be filled by the applicant personally; state registration certificate, which confirms compliance of goods and services, sanitary and epidemiological norms; exemption letter, which can be obtained for goods that do not require confirmation of compliance. In the center of certification “Sevtest” You can also arrange other types of certificates and permits for goods and services. To do this, you can either contact our specialists. When processing the documents you will need: complete an application for certification; to collect the required documents; conduct certification tests of products. You can significantly reduce their costs, both financial and time by contacting a qualified CA. You make sure that the procedure for obtaining the certificate of any clear and easy to use. All you need to do to process permits for goods or services are: fill out an application for certification of products or services and to assure her signature and seal; Our specialists provide the registration documents of your company; contract to conduct certification and issue the authorization for certification, after which it will be possible to make the program and how to conduct conformity assessment; get ready, duly registered with a certificate for a service or product. It is important to note that the procedure may vary slightly from that described above, since procedure for obtaining certificates, and, respectively, and procedures vary depending on parameters such as the type of certificate, certification scheme, the location of the applicant, etc.   If you want to know what our certification may be useful for your company, please contact the call referred to in section Contacts. We are also happy to answer your request by e-mail or fax.

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